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Pure Neuro is a nutritional supplement designed to help those with severe nerve pain. This herbal blend protects nerves and aids in the maintenance of their structure and function. As a result, the body is able to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s for persons who have neuropathic pain and are between the ages of 50 and 70. It’s a product that doesn’t require a prescription. Anyone above the age of 18 can buy and use it.

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What is Pure Neuro?

Pure Neuro is a supplement curated by Purelife Organics that helps sharpen the mind. Dr. Anthony Capasso, a veteran in the medical field with a rich experience of 23 years, is the brain behind the product.

The supplement consists of powerful ingredients such as ginseng, reishi mushrooms, curcumin, and bee propolis. Together, these potent substances help relieve the brain of stress and protect from the effects of harmful toxins.

The product is free from caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba. It is a unique blend of ingredients such as propolis that helps boost the brain and promote overall brain health.

Regular intake of antioxidants will enhance the functioning of the brain and the body and prevent neurodegenerative issues.

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  • Pure Neuro Price

The best place to purchase PureLife Organics Pure Neuro is from the official website. There you’ll see three different purchasing options to choose from, which include:

One bottle: $59 + small shipping fee

Three bottles: $147 total – $49 per bottle with free shipping

Six bottles: $234 total – $39 per bottle with free shipping

In addition, Pure Neuro offers a subscribe & save option to save you 10% off your order if you receive monthly shipments of Pure Neuro.

Benefits of Pure Neuro supplement

  • Pure Neuro helps to maintain optimal brain health with improved focus and concentration.
  • It sharpens your mind and makes you alert with better memory recall ability even after the ’50s and ’70s.
  • The natural formula makes you highly cognitive and makes you free from stress.
  • It gives you better sleep and supports healthy relaxation and a happy mood.
  • It prevents the brain’s damage caused by oxidative stress, toxins, and free radicals.
  • Pure Neuro activates the mitochondria and gives you energy to the brain for healthy neurotransmitter functions.
  • The capsules are made 100% safe and natural, not producing any Pure Neuro side effects.
  • The thousands of positive user reviews make you feel confident about the results.
  • It prevents senior moments and prevents brain fog by nourishing brain cells with vital nutrients.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee offered which makes you feel risk-free.
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Why People Chosse Pure Neuro?

pure neuro made in USA

Made In The USA

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100% All Natural

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FDA Approved Facility

  • Pure Neuro Dosage

One bottle contains 60 capsules and has a one-month supply. The recommended dose is 2 pills per day with water. It is advised that you should not exceed the recommended dose.

In case you have an underlying medical condition, consult your doctor before adding these supplements to your routine.

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Pure Neuro Bonus

The Pure Neuro supplement comes with a useful bonus. The manufacturer is providing exclusive online wellness coaching. So, buying the supplement gives free access to 2 weeks of online wellness coaching in which you will get training on how to improve your brain health.

How Does Pure Neuro Work?

Pure Neuro avoids the nootropic ingredients seen in competing nootropic formulas. There’s no caffeine, for example, nor is there any ginkgo biloba; instead, Pure Neuro uses ingredients like propolis and glutathione, both of which are backed by research proving they can support brain health in various ways.

Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees. It’s been shown to support immunity in clinical trials. In one trial, researchers gave propolis to a group of ill people in the hospital, and it reduced their stay in the hospital by 5 to 6 days compared to the control group.

Pure Neuro also contains glutathione (GSH). According to Dr. Capasso, glutathione is a powerful molecule that acts as an antioxidant within your body. It targets free radicals and toxins that affect your brain.

Dr. Capasso, the creator of Pure Neuro, combined propolis and glutathione with 7 other natural ingredients to create “the ultimate stack for healthy memory and focus.”

Other ingredients in Pure Neuro include reishi mushroom extract, curcumin, ginseng, and vitamin C.

Together, these ingredients target brain fog in various ways. Most of the ingredients work by supporting inflammation within your brain by targeting free radicals. Some ingredients have a protective effect on the blood-brain barrier, preventing toxins from entering the brain.

Dr. Capasso specifically traces brain fog to mitochondria in the brain. Mitochondria are the energy houses of every cell in your body, including brain cells. When your mitochondria aren’t functioning properly, it leads to brain fog. Many of the ingredients in Pure Neuro are designed to target and relieve this brain fog.

Pure Neuro Ingredients

  • Brazilian Green Propolis:

It has been utilised as an antioxidant for millennia, dating back to ancient cultures. It’s excellent for fighting diseases and boosting the body’s overall immunity.

  • Melatonin:

Melatonin is a sleep aid and may be observed in supplements to assist sleep. It makes you less sleepy. This is why we don’t often see melatonin used in brain-boosting formulas. Dr. Capasso covered melatonin in his method to detoxify the mind. One study confirmed that mice have been uncovered to high-inflammatory molecules. Some mice were given melatonin even as others did now not. Melatonin included mice higher against molecules. While researchers cannot mirror those outcomes in human beings, Dr. Capasso believes that melatonin is a key issue of his brain-boosting formula.

  • Selenium:

Selenium is a crucial mineral found in any multivitamin. One study found that selenium was “vital for the brain” and appears to be linked to the pathology of degenerative brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. If you feel mentally foggy, then a selenium supplement could help support brain health and overall health.

  • S-Acetyl-glutathione:

It has an important role as it prevents dysfunction of mitochondria and its death. Glutathione has strong antioxidant properties that help the mitochondria stay alive.

  • Reishi Mushroom:

Reishi Mushrooms are scientifically proven to have a neuroprotective effect and also provide protection to the mitochondrial cells in the brain.

  • Panax Ginseng:

this one is recognised for aiding mitochondrial biogenesis, boosting their efficiency, and assisting you in more efficiently producing energy for your body. It is also beneficial in the prevention of brain disorders and traumas..

  • Duchesnea Chrysantha:

Pentacyclic Triterpenes can be found in Duchesnea Chysantha, a natural component. These chemicals target advanced glycation products (AGEs), which are connected to disorders in the brain. Higher levels of AGE in the brain may raise the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. AGEs, according to Dr. Capasso, are “brain rust that is detrimental to your mitochondria.” Duchesnea Chrysantha from Pure Neuro could be beneficial.

  • Curcumin:

this powder is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory remedies available, and it, like many other components on our list, has outstanding antioxidant properties. It also helps to keep neurological diseases at bay.

  • Zinc Glycinate:

Finally, Pure Neuro contains zinc, a crucial mineral for brain health and overall health and wellness. To support his use of zinc, Dr. Capasso cites one study by researchers at Duke University and MIT that found zinc played a crucial role in the communication between cells in the brain that form memories.

  • Vitamin C:

The formula’s final element, is ubiquitous but essential. Vitamin C is likely the most well-known antioxidant on the planet, and it can protect your mitochondria from harm.


pure neuro 60  Days money back Guaranty

Our investment is covered by a 60-Day, 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE. If for any reason it isn’t working for you, just call or email Pure NeuroUS based customer service team and we’ll give you every penny of your money back.

The Science Behind the Pure Neuro Formula

Pure Neuro is a clinically tested and approved brain optimization formula that aids in improving memory, focus, attention, and also treats brain damages like leaky brain and brain fog. The main ingredients in the formula such as Brazilian green propolis, melatonin, S-acetyl-glutathione, curcumin, zinc, etc. act upon the powerhouse of the human brain, that is the mitochondria that are essential for providing energy to the cells for transmitting messages.

A study published in 2017 in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information discovered that Brazilian green propolis with its antioxidant properties protects from neurodegenerative damages. It is also a cure for cognitive issues in Alzheimer’s disease. There have been numerous studies on the benefits of zinc, melatonin, etc.

Regarding FDA Approval

There’s a belief among the public (and even among some nutritionists!) that the FDA gives approvals and certifications for health supplements available in the market. Though the FDA is a regulatory body, it only inspects the facilities where a supplement is made and does not give certifications for specific supplements.

The Pure Neuro are manufactured under an FDA-registered facility, complying with the strictest GMP (Good manufacturing practices) regulations. This ensures that the drops are made under sterile conditions, and is free of chemicals or any other adulterants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pure Neuro formula safe for all people?

Yes. Made with natural ingredients, this product is manufactured in a GMP certified facility. It goes through multiple rounds of testing to ensure that users get the same quality with every single bottle. It contains no gluten, soy, or dairy.

The customer service team is available for questions via email at support@purelifeorganics.com.

How long will it take for the orders to be processed?

All orders will be processed and shipped from the brand’s warehouse within three business days. Depending on the delivery location, the shipping will take 3-15 days to reach the customers. The onus is on the customers to take note of the customs rules and processes of their respective countries, and the additional costs, if any, that may be incurred before ordering the product.

How to Use Pure Neuro

Pure Neuro can be used in the same manner as taking multivitamin supplements or medication. Pure Neuro has been packaged in pill form to make it smooth for customers to consume. Two pills are sufficient for day-by-day consumption. You can also take a tumbler with water at any hour of the day. You shouldn’t take capsules at once if you locate it too overwhelming. One pill can be taken within the morning before breakfast, and one earlier than dinner.

Pure Neuro lasts 30 days. If a person desires to hold the use it, he can use it for up six months. It can also absorb to 2 months for the consequences to emerge as seen. This time may be reduced by using changing your lifestyle and enhancing your food regimen.

This supplement needs to now not be mixed with alcohol or caffeine. This supplement needs to not be combined with some other food or liquids and should be taken orally most effectively. Do now not take more than one compliment at a time, or mix them with different medicines. When taken collectively, these products can reason extreme facet consequences.

To get faster results, it’s miles vital to observe the endorsed dosage tips. It isn’t sensible to take more than the recommended dosage. This should cause detrimental side results, relying on how many pills were taken. Before the use of Pure Neuro supplement, please study the entire usage commands at the label and the respectable internet site.

Does the company provide free shipping?

Yes, all the offer packs of the Pure Neuro are backed with free shipping.

Is it a US-Made Product?

Yes, Pure Neuro is made and sold from the United States of America.

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